Lower Elementary


L-3 Miss. Kaile Okura

P-3 Mrs. Joan Kutaka

P-4 Ms. Yng Yng Chiu

P-5 Ms. Cristalyne Pudiquet

P-6 Ms. Heidi Kline

Welcome to KINDERGARTEN….. We believe that working together as a team (student/parents/teacher) is the best way to prepare your child for a strong academic foundation. In our kindergarteners, we want to develop responsibility and independence that will be with them throughout their lives. The General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) are intertwined in the curriculum to encourage every child to become lifelong learners. We utilize the Reading Wonders and the Origo Stepping Stones programs. The Reading Wonders covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Origo Stepping Stones presents math with hands-on activities that make math concepts visible. These programs incorporate the Common Core as its foundation. We look forward to a wonderful year of exploring, learning, and growing!

Grade 1

H-5 Mrs. Leila Ekimoto

H-6 Mrs. Lori Madrona

L-1 Mrs. Dawn Tolentino

L-2 Mrs. Roquel Tabet

L-4 Mrs. Michele Shiroma

The first grade students will experience an exciting year of learning. We will build upon kindergarten learning by continuing with the Reading Wonders and Origo Stepping Stones Math programs. The Reading Wonders Program is designed around essential questions for students to explore while learning to read and write. This program integrates social studies and science concepts. The Origo Stepping Stones Math Program helps students expand their number sense and problem solving by focusing on numbers and operations in base 10. Both programs are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our General Learner Outcomes (GLOs) will continue to be incorporated throughout the school day to foster values for positive learning experiences. Super Honowai Reader will also continue in 1st grade. Please be involved in your child's learning by reading with them everyday and signing their reading log. Also be sure to check and sign the planner on a daily basis as this is an important communication tool. We look forward to working with you to help prepare your child for a successful and exciting future!

Grade 2

G-3 Mrs. Kaleena Scoville

G-4 Mrs. Shelee Ranada

H-3 Mrs. JoAnn Kimura

Welcome to second grade! This year, our expectations for the students are higher than ever to meet the newly implemented Common Core State Standards. We will use an array of resources and methods to help the students build essential reading and math skills. Also encouraged daily are the General Learner Outcomes to help equip the students with life skills as they develop into responsible and contributing members of our community. 

Our reading program is Harcourt’s Storytown which emphasizes the five essential components of reading – phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. To supplement, we also utilize a variety of literature and online programs, such as Kidbiz, and i-Ready to provide the students with technology opportunities. Second graders will also write daily, focusing on four main genres of writing – report, response, narrative, and procedural. The students will follow the writing process and 6-traits of writing to create refined, quality pieces. Our goals for the students are to become fluent, versed, passionate readers and effective communicators.

Everyday Mathematics and our school-wide Mad Minute programs help our students to meet the math grade level expectations as well as build problem solving strategies. We also use the i-Ready program to supplement students' learning in math. 

From flexible grouping or utilizing Data for School Improvement (DSI) assessments to target the needs of our students, we are committed to teaching all learners. We look forward to working together with you in helping your child progress and grow in all areas!