Physical Education

Teacher in charge: Mr. Alvin Kishimoto


For the past 20 years, we've run an Intramurals program for our 5th - 6th graders.

The GOALS/PURPOSES of our Intramurals program are:

  1. To KEEP THE STUDENTS OUT OF TROUBLE AFTERSCHOOL. Many of our 5th - 6th graders tell us that they nothing to do afterschool. These students tend to get into mischief. Intramurals will provide them with something positive to do afterschool.
  2. To give the students an INCENTIVE to keep up with their SCHOOLWORK and to BEHAVE. Students who fall behind in their academics or who misbehave in school will not be allowed to participate in Intramurals until they work hard to correct the situation.
  3. To teach the students that it takes HARD WORK, DEDICATION, COMMITMENT and SACRIFICE to make their dreams come true.
  4. To help the students to realize that it's FUN to be PHYSICALLY ACTIVE. Students who enjoy being physically active are more likely to CHOOSE to lead a PHYSICALLY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE rather than a "couch potato" lifestyle.
  5. To help the students to become PHYSICALLY FIT.

Unfortunately, this year we are extremely short of staff members who are able to volunteer as coaches and referees. Therefore, the program will be drastically modified and the number of participants will need to be limited. Students will need to try-out for a spot on the team. The try-out period will last several weeks. Those students who best meet the Goals/Purposes of the program will be selected for the team. Students who attend all practices, give 100% at practices, keep up with their schoolwork, stay out of trouble and demonstrate teamwork and good sportsmanship will have the best chance to be selected for the team. Selection will NOT be based upon who's the "best" basketball, football or volleyball player. Instead, we feel that other qualities such as hard work, dedication, commitment and being a good student are much more important.

Students who make the team will play in the TEACHERS vs. STUDENTS GAME at the end of the season. For volleyball and basketball, the students will also challenge the other Waipahu complex schools in afterschool tournaments. (Unfortunately, the other schools do not have an Intramural Flag Football program.)

FLAG FOOTBALL August - September
VOLLEYBALL October - December
BASKETBALL January - May

Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH) is a special events program that raises money for the American Heart Association's fight against heart disease and stroke. Honowai participates in JRFH every year. Jumping rope is a great form of exercise that keeps our heart strong and healthy. During P.E., the students will learn different jump rope tricks. In November, all students will have lots of fun jumping rope to high-energy music at our annual JRFH "Party."

Field Day

Every other year, Honowai puts on a Field Day in late May. Field Day will be a 2-hour long event in the morning. What will it look like? Visualize 830 kids in grades K-6 all running around at the same time! The fun and games will take the staff months of planning and preparation. The entire Honowai Field and courts will be divided up into 7 stations since there are 7 grade levels:

  • Target Games Station
  • Tug O' War Station
  • Baton Relay Station
  • Relay Races Station
  • 35-Meter Sprint Station
  • Obstacle Course Station
  • Cooperative Games or Dance Station

Each grade level will begin at an assigned station. Every 20-minutes, each grade level will rotate to a different station. The stations that each grade level will visit will depend upon the children's age.

One of the main PURPOSES for having Field Day is to get our students to ENJOY being PHYSICALLY ACTIVE so much that they will CHOOSE to be physically active everyday for the rest of their lives. (P.E. standard # 3: "Students participate regularly in physical activity.")

In today's world, workers rarely work in isolation. Instead, most jobs will require that they work together in teams to get the job done. Good communication and social skills are critical. Field Day is a great vehicle to teach our children how to work together with others. Therefore, another PURPOSE for having Field Day is to teach our children how to be COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTORS. (GLO # 2: "The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together.")

Honowai Olympics

During designated recesses April - May, we will hold our annual Honowai Olympics as a lead-up to Field Day. Since recess is only 20-minutes long, only the top athletes from each homeroom in grade 2-6 will compete. The Olympic events will be the 35-METER SPRINT, TUG O' WAR, BATON RELAY and 200-METER RUN.

Physical Education classes

The ultimate goal of physical education (P.E.) is to give our students the skills, knowledge and desire to be physically active everyday for the rest of their lives. We try to make physical activity so enjoyable that our students will choose to be physically active rather than being "couch potatoes." During P.E. classes, we expose the children to a variety of physical activities. When our children grow up, they will be able to choose the physical activities that they enjoy the most. Research shows that people who engage in regular physical activity live healthier lives.

Due to the large size of our school, Honowai's students are only able to have P.E. classes with the P.E. resource teachers approximately every other week. The students' own homeroom teachers take the students out for P.E. on the "off" weeks. This way, the students should be having P.E. once a week.

In the lower grades, we try to develop a strong foundation for movement by teaching the children the Movement Concepts, Locomotor Skills (running, jumping, skipping, etc.) and Manipulative Skills (throwing, catching, kicking, etc.) As the children get older, they will participate in more complex activities such as soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, etc.